On Friday we went to our first wine-tasting at Buccia Nera, a family-owned vineyard.  We visited a field where they mainly grow Sangiovese grapes, the most common in central Italy. All their grapes are organic, use manual labor, and don’t use irrigation.  The location allows the grapes to get plenty of sunlight which increases the amount of sugar and aroma in the grapes. The owners used to use only inoculated yeast to ferment their wine, but now they are slowly using wild yeast in some of their batches. Inside of their storage facility, most of the wines are put in large stainless steel barrels that are temperature controlled. Some types of wine were stored in large wooden barrels for 1 to 2 years. The point of the wooden barrels isn’t to make the wine have a woody taste, but for micro-oxygenation. The oxidative wines are stored in small wooden barrels for 5 years.

We had to opportunity to try four types of wine. The first was a white wine made with young Chardonnay grapes that were fermented in stainless steel tanks. The color of the wine was nearly transparent. When compared to other wines, this one had more fruity flavors and less bitter. There was a hint of mint, anise, and fruit. The wine had a strong alcohol smell. Also, this wine didn’t leave a dry feeling in the mouth.

The Rosato, rose wine, is made from Sangiovese grapes using the white wine process. It is stored in stainless steel barrels and temperature doesn’t exceed over 18°C. It had a nearly orange color. There was a slight bitter aftertaste. The wine had a tangy flavor with hints of strawberry jam and roses.

The red wine was a 2014 Amadio made from 50% Sangiovese, 25% Merlot, and 25% Cabernet S. grapes that were matured in wooden barrels, This gave the wine a woody smell and aftertaste. The dark red wine was the most bitter due to the preservation of acidity from the cold.It is a light, dry wine. It definitely left a dry feeling in my mouth. The taste has hints of plum and flowers.

The last wine was a 2009 Vin Santo oxidative wine. It was made from dried white grapes that were stored in a wooden barrel with oxygen for 5 years. It has a high alcohol content since when swirled, it produced wine legs. It looked and tasted like caramelized sugar. The aftertaste reminded me of walnuts.