A lot of tragic events has happened this past semester from the shooting in New Zealand to the bombing in Sri Lanka. While I’m not saying those are not equally as important and devastating, the school shooting at UNC shocked me the most. Maybe it is because the incident occurred on their last day of class, and I, myself, was in the last week of classes as well, but it hit close to home. It is sad to know that this sort of violence doesn’t just occur in the US. A few months prior, there was a school shooting in Brazil where 5 students were killed. It made me think that this could have occurred in any campus, even my campus and there would have been no effective way to prevent it. It is sad that we now live in a time where school shootings have to be prepared for. I remember back in elementary school the only drills we practiced were the fire drill, tornado, and earthquake. But, as I graduated to middle school and then to high school, we were shown a video about the Columbine shooting and then we gradually had regular drills for what to do in case we had an active shooter in the building. Every student in my high school is issued a student ID during registration before school starts. Even though we had them, we never really used them unless it was for standardized testing. That all changed after the Sandy Hook shooting. It then became mandatory that all students must be always wearing their ID on a lanyard around their neck and must be always visible and doors between school buildings would now be locked so students must show their ID to a camera in order to be let in. While some students found creative ways around the regulation such as printing their ID on a t-shirt and wearing said shirt around, it was sad how this was now part of the daily routine. Teachers in first period now had the responsibility to check that every student had their ID with them every single day. Now in college, I still carry my ID everywhere to be let into buildings and for exams, but on such a large and open campus, there is no way to prevent a person with bad intentions to getting on campus. Just this semester, I had to listen to multiple professors at several different points throughout the semester to address another school shooting, thankfully elsewhere, and one professor even spent precious lecture time to discuss logistics on what to do if an active shooter entered our classroom. It is sad how frequently school shootings are occurring. I don’t know if they are occurring more, or if the media is reporting these types of incidents more publicly. A school should be a safe environment to teach the future generation. Instead, it has turned into a place of potential fear.