While everyone knew that Trump was running on an anti-immigrant platform, everyone was shocked when he announced his very sudden executive order for a travel ban on January 27. Citizens from ┬áSyria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, and Libya were banned from entering the country for 90 days and Syria refugees were no longer allowed to enter the US. Besides the outrage and shock from the American public, it created massive chaos at the airports where many people were detained simply due to their ethnicity or nationality. ┬áThankfully, none of my family members were impacted by this ban, but I know many other people’s whose families were either stuck at the airport or unable to enter the United States during this turmoil. It was amazing to read about how many different people came together to help these people get into the United States. There were lawyers who would work for free to find ways to legally allow them to enter, organizations bring food and other necessities for these stranded people, and protesters outside of the airports making their voices heard. Thankfully, federal judges quickly blocked the order.

I think that Trump was trying to hard to enforce some of his promises to his supporters such as the anti-immigration ban. However, Trump poorly executed his ban. He didn’t provide any sort of indication to many important people and didn’t slowly implement the ban. Instead, he just dropped the ban one day causing so much difficultly at airports around the country. Personally, I don’t understand why he implemented the 90 day ban. Since Trump claims that the ban is to prevent terrorists from entering the United States, stopping them for 90 days isn’t going to deter a well-thought out plan. Also, many people have pointed out already that if the ban was truly to block countries with a large Muslim population, how come Saudi Arabia and Egypt weren’t included on the list. Some of my friends think that it is because Trump had prior business dealings in those locations that helped them stay off the list.

Even though the first ban got blocked, Trump issued a second ban which shortly after got banned by a federal judge as well. Honestly, I don’t understand why Trump issued a second travel ban that was similar to the first. If the first one got banned, did he think that by issuing another one it would miraculously not get banned? Einstein did define insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. I wonder if Trump is currently working on another surprise for the US. These next four year will definitely not be dull.