On December 8, 2016, a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) airplane crashed near Abbottabad, Pakistan. There were 47 people on the flight and the airline says that there were no survivors. Right before the crash, the pilot said that he lost control of one of the engines, but the chairman claims that the pilot could have landed the plane safely with one engine. The airline is saying that it wasn’t a terrorist attack. One of the passengers who were on the plane was Junaid Jamshed. He is considered to be the Pakistani version of Brad Pitt. Jamshed was a former pop singer, but he decided to give that up to devote his life to God. One interesting thing I read in the article was that the airline was willing to give 5,000 dollars to the next of kin of each passenger to help cover funeral expenses. I guess, in their culture, giving a loved one a proper funeral is an important thing to them.