On April 11th, I participated in my very first Global Engagement Day at OU. Walking into Farzaneh Hall, I had no idea what to expect. Was it like a Power Point presentation by the students or some sort of lecture? It turns out to be more of a panel question and answer format. I attended two sessions: Studying Abroad as a STEM and Non-traditional study abroad. It was really cool to hear exciting stories from people who have been abroad already. They definitely gave really good advice about packing and things to do before the trip such as calling the credit card company and bank so they don’t freeze your account while you are overseas. I learned that it is most definitely possible to study abroad for a semester if I am a STEM major as long as I plan ahead of time and accordingly. One of the panelists even introduced me to a a program in Glasgow that is aimed at pre-med students like me. They allow you to take a human anatomy class there which would be a cool unique experience since OU doesn’t allow pre-med students to take human anatomy.

I really enjoyed the Global Engagement Day and can’t wait to sitting on the opposite side of the table next year. Hearing all the stories from other people’s study abroad makes me super excited for my study abroad to Italy this summer.